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Free Postage within Aus on orders over $35
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Everything you need to pack in your hospital bag!

Your due date is fast (or slowly) approaching, you've got most of the baby items you'll need by now. When to pack your hospital bag?

I recommend, 34-36 weeks. 

But what to pack? When i was having my babies, i searched the internet for hours and had multiple lists. So i have put together a little list of what i think are essential.

Included are the brands i recommend.



Nappies. Sometimes hospitals will supply these for you. I allow for 10 Nappies a day.

Ecoriginals - 46c each - These are amazing! Zero nasties, 80% plant based & biodegrade in 90 days.

Wipes. If your expecting a short stay, 1 pack. If planning to be in for a few days, 2-3packs.

Again, Ecoriginals - $0.07c each - Hands down you cannot beat that price for something that is also friendly on our environment.

A small pack of cotton balls (Those Meconium poos can get really sticky. Scrubbing with a wipe is not ideal, a damp cotton ball may be more gentle.) You can buy these in packs from your local grocery store.

4 x Singlets

First outfit

Take home outfit

3 x Coverall rompers

1 x Dummy (Should you wish to offer one)