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Free Postage within Aus on orders over $35
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About us

Hello, I am Shireen. Owner of Blossom & Gumnut. I live and run Blossom & Gumnut in Blackwater QLD with my husband and our 2 children. Our beautiful daughter was born in 2012 and darling son, 2014.

The story of Blossom & Gumnut began in 2016.

Something i noticed a lot raising my littlies (who were not so blessed with sensitive, eczema prone skin) is the huge gap in the baby wear market, for comfortable, practical baby wear that looks good enough to be worn to bed or an event. I grew frustrated when dressing my children. Many comfortable clothes looked plain and went stiff in the wash. A lot of the pretty clothes were uncomfortable and irritated their skin. I began researching what fabrics were out there and our iconic bamboo grow suit was born! Oh my, the moment i felt that sample fabric! Bamboo has the softest, most luxurious feel to it. It is completely safe and non irritating to sensitive skin. And one of my favourite things about it, It certainly doesn't require fabric softener (a no no on sensitive baby skin) or any other special washing liquids, to keep the soft and luxurious feel, wash after wash. The fabric we use is delicately, digitally printed with beautiful print designs, most of them are selected from artists within Australia and NZ. Another key feature on our grow suit, is our longer length arms with the fold over, sewn in, hand mittens! When my daughter was SIX WEEKS old she could put her own dummy in her mouth. At just that age her hand eye coordination had become so good from scratching the eczema on her face and (although i was impressed) it was heart breaking. Mittens would just fall off. She would wiggle her arms out of her muslin wraps during the night and we would wake to blood on the sheets and her clothes from her scratching her face. I remember i grabbed all her onesies one day and i sewed the hands shut on all of them. Many of the grow suits she had, the sleeves had no mittens or the arm lengths were too short to comfortably have the mittens folded over.

As soon as we released our first grow suit, our passion and designs grew from there. We just recently released our cotton muslin range which is very light weight for keeping cool, because everyone knows Australia can be a pretty hot place at times! We plan to keep bringing you more and more unique but comfortable baby wear. Thanks for your time in reading our little story of we how we began!